Discipleship Ministries
How Does Our Program Operate?

At Warrior Discipleship Ministry, we do not concentrate on the strongholds that bring our men here; we concentrate on growing daily in Christ Jesus and the strongholds that brought them here become a testimony of what has God delivered them from.

     This Ministry is free to our residents but we believe that if a man does not work, he does not eat. Our men serve; helping them overcome the bondage of self-entitlement, government support, and it also gives them a feeling of accomplishment and self worth. Our men serve an average of 20 hours per week, maintaining and serving local churches and our community with various needs.

      Being free to our residents, we depend on outside support for our operational cost, food, transportation, and all other living expenses. The truth is, many people love what we do but we are supported by very few. The funds accrued through our partners provide our all of our living expenses. We do three fundraisers a year to help fund our mission trips, and community outreaches. Nothing is free, someone is sacrificing something to keep Jesus Christ first and allow Him to change lives. 

Warrior Ministry has had a dynamic year! Out of the 13 men entering our 13 month residential ministry, we saw 12 men born again, we graduated 5, only 3 men left early, and we have 5 scheduled to graduate by 2018. Graduation is no easy task. These men must want it! Warrior Ministry is not a rehab! Jesus does not rehabilitate, Jesus Christ Regenerates. We focus daily on walking with Jesus Christ, because our men don’t have an addiction problem, they have a sin problem. They just sin differently than we do! When the residents at Warrior Ministry graduate our program, they have a foundation, understand accountability; they are serving in the local church, they have a disciplined devotional life, and they are discipling others with similar pasts. Oh, and they are also free from the bondage of addiction. These men are changed forever and not just graduates of a program.

      This year has been a special year in another way. This was the first year that we were able to take our men on their first mission trip. We had a team of 8 men, 2 women, and my 2-year old missionary in training, Nicholas. Our team flew into Spokane, WA. And drove to Arlee, MT. to help Pastor’s Garrett Brewer and Kenny Prewitt with some much needed facility improvements as they move forward ministering to the Flathead Indian Reservation as well as the Arlee community at Jocko Valley Baptist Church. After 4 days of serving, discipleship, and Pastoral Care, we took a day to visit Glacier National Park. I have no words to describe what God did to these men on this trip, but my beautiful bride said it best as 2 of our men jumped into the frigid water at St. Mary Lake. Kelli saw their faces, turned to Paul Barnard and said “not too bad for a couple of dead men.” You see, when the men arrive at The Warrior House, we are looking at an empty, hurting, and lost soul; or “a dead man.” But when Jesus Christ changes their life, you are looking at a new regenerated soul, full of life and purpose. This alone makes all the struggles worth it for me and my family! I urge you to take a day out of your busy schedules and come see what God is doing in the lives of our men.

-John Edmonds

2017 Annual Report

The Warrior Discipleship Ministry is a Christ Centered 501c3 residential discipleship program with a missional outreach approach to men battling with various strongholds in their lives.  Our program was launched in September 2014 through Lifepoint Church, Tunica, The Extended Missions Network, and Tunica Presbyterian Church with the vision of housing 8-12 men and discipling them for 12 months into a new life with Jesus Christ and complete restoration.  Our program is designed to allow the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change men's lives and it is structured in three phases: "The Way, The Truth, and The Life".  We are not in any way a Halfway House, Rehab, or Clinic; we are a Residential Discipleship Home.  A rehab or clinical facility may help men temporarily overcome strongholds, but Jesus Christ will change your life forever!

Our Vision

     Warrior Discipleship Ministry is exactly what our name says; we are a 13-month residential discipleship ministry. We are NOT a rehab or a halfway house. A rehab or a halfway house has the sole purpose of eliminating a specific problem. Our program structure is completely designed around a relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship and godly relationships. We recognize that there are many people who can benefit from a rehab or halfway house, but our ministry concentrates on the sin issue that causes us to continue living in bondage. We do not have an addiction problem, we have a sin problem and we need a savior. We believe that a clinical facility can help you become addiction free, but we know that a relationship with Jesus Christ will change your family tree. Our staff of pastors and volunteers has seen many men completely transformed and living a missional lifestyle by sharing with others how Jesus Christ changed their lives.